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Born Again Auto where we are the bank and finance everyone! We sell vehicles from $150.00 down and $60.00 per week with NO CREDIT CHECK!    

Born Again Auto is proud to be part of the 'Fabricatore Family of Businesses' which include CarSmart located in Mascotte FL, Born Again Auto located in Groveland  FL, CarSmart Car Care located in Groveland FL, and CarSmart Auto Parts located in Webster FL. In 2017 we celebrated our 30th anniversary. 

Our History

The early days:  Mr. Ralph Fabricatore jr. growing up in New Jersey at a young age knew that he loved cars and like to tinker with them. From his first car he bought before he even had a driver license at the age 16. (things were a little different back in the 60's) He purchased a 1961 Chevrolet impala that didn't run. He quickly figured out it needed a starter, so young Ralph got a bumper jack and changed the starter in the street all by him self. (again... things were different back then) He was hooked from there. A few years later he bought himself a 1964 Pontiac gto to take it 'bracket racing' He had some success with that but it wasn't until he bought a car for $50.00 did a tiny bit of work and sold it for $500.00. that he realized he can make a decent living doing what he loved. So while he was working at Bell Atlantic (now Version) he worked under his friend's dealers licence at Trident Auto. He started doing well enough that in 1987 he was able to quit his high paying office job at Bell Atlantic and he and two partners started 'R.J.M. Auto Associates' within a year he bought out the other two partners and owned 100% of R.J.M. At this time he was working around 18 hours a day 7 days a week but as the years went by his hard work payed off as things got easier and the hours got less. So good that he was able to vacation to sunny Clermont Florida every time his two sons were out of school. The beautiful almost year round sunshine compared to the cold snowy winters in New Jersey Made him decide to move his business to the Clermont area in 1997.

Opening up in Florida: In 1997 he moved his family to Clermont, figuring he could 'semi-retire' but quickly realized his two sons were still young and wanted to build something for them so in 1999 he changed the name from R.J.M. to Born Again Auto. He rented a small lot on SR 50 in Groveland and within a few months the gentleman who owned the 'big buy-here pay-here lot' just down the street (at the time most dealerships in that area were tiny) approached Ralph and asked him if he'd like to be in the buy-here pay-here business, before he knew it he ended up moving his operation to the bigger place just down the street as the previous owner retired. A little while later he ended up buying the property. (Born Again Auto has been there since)

Purchase of Carroll's Auto Parts: (renamed Born Again Auto Parts) Being in the bhph (buy-here pay-here) business we ended up with a lot of trades and repossessions that required us to sell a bunch of vehicles to the local salvage yard in Webster and buying a lot of those same parts for vehicles we were selling so in 2005 we made an offer to purchase the property and the assets to the business as it saved us time and money getting parts and getting rid of the trades and repos. In 2016 it was renamed CarSmart Auto parts.   

Ralph's Semi-retirement: Fast forward to 2008 Mr Ralph finally was able to semi-retire and handed most of everything to his two sons Ralph III (R.T.) AND Nicholas. They made some small changes over the next several years and eventually business got good enough that that we were ready to look for an opportunity to expand.

Start of CarSmart: In 2016 We purchased a piece of property just about a mile and a half west of Born Again Auto. We knew it was too close to our other location to do bhph so we decided to open a dealership catering mainly to the $15,000 - $30,000 pickup truck market. (we also sell cars, vans, and suv's)

Acquisition of Stone's Auto Repair: (renamed CarSmart Car Care) Also on 2016 we had the opportunity to purchase the real estate and the assets From Mr. Stone. All employees stayed so it made it a seamless acquisition. This business was located just about 3/10th of a mile east of Born Again Auto and about 1.5 miles east of CarSmart. This was another opportunity for us to have an easier way to fully inspect and service our vehicles for both dealerships plus have a place for the locals to have their vehicles serviced and repaired.

Additionally in 2016 (yes 2016 it was a big year for our family) Ralph IV was born so now we possibly have another generation to run the family business.


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